Brause : Calligraphy Practice Pad

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This wirebound notepad comes with a step-by-step calligraphy guide to keep your lettering on-track. This calligraphy pad includes lined pages with slants for guiding your letters. Lettering guides and step-by-step instructions for creating Uncial, Gothic, Chancery and Copperplate alphabets are included.  

• Instructions include; pen slant and letter width, height, horizontal and vertical tilt axis, and slants for various calligraphy styles. 

• Off-white lined paper, acid free, and super smooth - 85g paper. The paper is 11.5" x 9"

• No bleed-thru. Suitable for all nibs.

• Numbered margin guides and 5mm lines

• Three guide sheets with different slanted grids

• Includes an easy introduction to calligraphy and the main calligraphy alphabets.

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