Brause Calligraphy & Writing Set - No.2

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J. Herbin Calligraphy & Writing Set is ideal for those who want to start learning calligraphy. The set includes:

standard pen holder (wooden, with beautiful metal decoration),

• One (1) Brause Blue Pumpkin ("Steno") Nib, No. B361 - This Nib has a very fine point, is highly elastic, has a high ink capacity. This produces a thin line and the ink flow is high and excellent. One of the best all-around pen nibs made. 
• One (1) Brause Rosen (Rose) Calligraphy Nib, No. 76 - Strong, yet super flexible, fine point, with rose embossed design. A vintage nib from Brause reintroduced several years ago. This is an excellent all-around nib for Copperplate writing, drawing and flourishes. 
• One (1) Brause Arrow Extra Fine Point Nib, No. 66 - Also called “Arrow”nib. Very smooth reaction, highly elastic, high ink capacity. Favorite for pointed pen work and drawing.
• One (1) Brause Citofein Nib -The Brause Cito Fein gold colored steel nib has a 0.3mm very fine point, half elastic, with a precise writing style. Good for monoline lettering. 
• One (1) Brause Plakat 5mm Nib - This steel brush gold-plated folded metal nib is perfect for making large letters. 
• One (1) Brause Banzug Small Square No. 180 nib 2mm - Square nibs are perfect for rounded (Roman, Italic, Gothic) writing, with an ink reservoir on the top. Unique for the sharpness of its angles and the precision of its upstrokes, the Bandzug nib yields incomparable Gothic letters.

Introduction to Calligraphy pamphlet in distinctive envelope.

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