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In the rapidly changing world around us today, speed is becoming more important in business. With the new CURIDAS retract- able fountain pen, no longer need to worry about having trouble opening a cap when you have the other hand full and miss a chance to take a note on important occasions, which is one of the common problems seen with capped fountain pens. CURIDAS is a coined term created by combining the Japanese word referring to extending the pen tip CURIDASU and Curiosity. The new fountain pen was brought to life to fulfill people’s curiosity. 

High sealed nib pocket, made of soft material enhances airtightness keeps the nib from drying out to provide a smooth writing at any time./li>

The size of the nib pocket is minimized to keep the nib moisturized.

Slim and long-shaped nib gives easier control of pen tip when you write.

Well-designed clip is not obstructive to your have and can also be removed optionally

By employing transparent resin for the body, the intriguing design allows to see the complexity of the mechanism unique to retractable fountain pen.

Delivered in an attractive gift box.

Size - Length: 153mm、Max diameter: 13.8mm
Weight - 25.0g

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