Platinum : Izumo - Maki-e - Kurikara-Ken

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The beautiful design on the Kurikara-ken is realized in raised Taka Maki-e technique. It depicts the epic battle between Fudo Myo-o, one of the Five Great Wisdom Kings of Japanese Buddhism, and a threatening dark demon. Charcoal powders and black roiro urushi lacquer are combined to create the raised surface of the pen, while silver powder is used to depict Kurikara-ken, Fudo Myo-o's sword.

In the epic battle, Fudo Myo-o transforms himself into Kurikara, his own sword, in order to do battle with the demon. As the struggle progresses, the demon also transforms into a sword, and Fudo Myo-o then transforms into a dragon to swallow and destroy him.

The Kurikara-Ken sports an 18K Gold nib and arrives in a dark wood presentation box with a Maki-e converter featuring gold kanji script, a special pen kimono, and an ink bottle.

Nib -18-karat gold (ruthenium finish)
Size - Length: Approximately 155 mm (when stored) / Approximately 135 mm (with cap removed) ・ Maximum axle diameter: Approximately 16 mmφ Cap diameter: Approximately 17.5 mmφ (excluding clips)
Weight - Approximately 34g
Filling System - Cartridge / converter (converter included)
Accessories - Dedicated paulownia box ・ Brush clothing (Fudegoromo) ・ Blue black ink 30cc x 1 ・ Blue black ink x 1 ・ Special converter x 1

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