TWSBI : SWIPE - Prussian Blue

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The SWIPE is the newest model from TWSBI. It comes with two different filling mechanisms: a spring loaded piston converter and TWSBI proprietary ink cartridges. One of each is included! You can also fill the entire barrel with ink with an eyedropper.

This pen has an opaque prussian blue body and cap, a clear grip section so you can see your ink flowing, and has a push/snap cap.  It is completed with a silver stainless steel nib.

The SWIPE uses the same size nib as the TWSBI ECO and the TWSBI GO. It can also accept standard international ink cartridges.

Diameter - Body 13.0mm (0.51in)

Diameter - Cap (without clip) 13.6mm (0.54in)

Diameter - Cap (with clip) 15.4mm (0.61in)

Diameter - Grip 9.0mm (0.35in)

Length - Body 126.7mm (4.99in)

Length - Cap 58.8mm (2.31in)

Length - Nib 17.3mm (0.68in)

Length - Overall (Closed) 138.1mm (5.44in)

Length - Overall (Posted) 164.9mm (6.49in)

Weight - Body 10.0g (0.35oz)

Weight - Cap 6.0g (0.21oz)

Weight - Overall 15.0g (0.53oz)

Max Ink Capacity - Cartridge 1.46ml

Max Ink Capacity - Converter 1.65ml

Max Ink Capacity - Eyedropper 5.64ml

Extra Fine
Stub 1.1

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