Leonardo : Momento Zero - Prugna (Rose Gold Trim)

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2021 is bringing new changes to the Leonardo Momento Zero Collection. Leonardo is updating all of their Momento Zero pens to include 3 bands on the cap, a thinner and sleeker clip, and all of the nibs will be made by JoWo. Please note, the new nibs are no longer compatible with the previous model.

The Momento Zero is a full size pen with a comfortably tapered grip section. The cap quickly unscrews in one full turn and posts securely to the rear of the barrel. The polished steel nib is available in EF, F, M, B, and 1.1mm stub widths.


Additional information

Weight1.0 lbs

Pen dimension:
- Lenght closed: 142 mm.
- Lenght without cap: 129 mm.
- Length opened with cap: 170 mm.
- Max diameter: 15,3 mm

Nib Material - Steel

Filling System - Cartridge/Converter

Compatible Refills - Bottle, International Cartridge

Ink Capacity - 1.0mL

Cap Type - Threaded

Postable - Yes

Material - Resin


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