Aurora - 88 Minerali Diopside Green (Limited Edition)

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The second edition of the Minerali collection, Diopside Green is a limited edition demonstrator built on the classic 88 (Ottantotto) cigar-shaped profile. The rounded ends are crafted from brilliant green appointments that represent the Diopside mineral. A brilliantly colored finial and blind cap are separated by crystal clear acrylic resin, displaying the precision engineering of Aurora's Italian craftsmanship.

The nib on the Aurora 88 Minerali is a rhodium-plated 18kt gold nib and fills up with bottled ink using an internal piston mechanism. Only 388 fountain pens created in this style. Each is individually numbered at the top of the cap's finial.

Finish: Crystal clear acrylic resin

Trim: Chrome Plated

Cap End: Diopside Green

Nib: 18K gold with rhodium-plating

Filling System: Piston mechanism

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฿ 22,000.00