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The Soap is the first ink stirrer designed for the need of calligraphers. It is not only portable and functional, it is thoughtfully manufactured to be aesthetically pleasing as a chic tool that no calligrapher can deny needing. 

• Battery operated for optimum portability, there is no need to look for power outlets and deal with messy wires. Bring it with you anywhere as it comes with a handy carry bag of its own.

• With the Soap, there is no longer the need to break the flow of writing to manually stir inks to stop pigments from constantly settling at the bottom of the jar.

• The stirring speed can be accurately adjusted with a simple, easy to use dial, keeping total control literally at the user’s fingertips.

• Although the Soap is targeted at calligraphers, it’s functions opens up a world of possibilities across multiple art fields.

Kit includes:
1 x Soap
1 x glass bottle
1 x 15mm stir bar
1 x 10mm stir bar
1 x traveller pouch (cream colour)
1 x gift box


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