Finetec G500 - Set "Galaxy", Special Edition

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Pearlcolors "Galaxy"

Let us take you on a journey through the galaxy with our extraordinary "Pearlcolors Galaxy" special edition!
The trip starts during the first Sunbeams, goes past a Supernova and directly into Deep Space. You pass a mystical Dark Star and just barely escape a passing Meteor to bathe peacefully in the Moonlight upon your arrival. What a journey!
We have put a lot of effort into the design of the unique surface for this set.  

The "Galaxy" set contains these six brand new Pearlcolors:

Transparent glittering gold
(mix with lots of water)

Bright pink

Deep Space
Nice, matte deep blue

Dark Star
Sparkling black

Glittering gray
(mix with lots of water)

Metallic light gray

Refill colors are currently not available.
We have a new supplier for color pots - these new pots are slightly higher compared to the old ones - but of course there is just as much color in the pots as before. Click here for more information.

Handmade in Germany. Pearlcolors can be dissolved with water and applied with a brush. They are perfect for creating special effects and highlights, they are also ideally suited for calligraphy.

Our tip: for the perfect color result we recommend putting a few drops of water on the color pan and letting it sit for a few minutes before using the color. 


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