R&K sketchINK - Carmen Orange (50ml.)

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sketchINK® is a range of 10 inks for fountain pens. The broad range of colours offers outstanding versatility to its users. Not only can it be used on stylographs: sketchINK® can be used with quills or brushes as well. Moreover, it is exceptionally waterproof and lightfast.

We use nano pigments to enable an optimal ink flow. This makes sketchINK® perfect for drawing fine outlines, which take less time to dry and get ready to be painted over. For colouring, sketchINK® can be with water to create brilliant highlights, making it the ideal companion for Urban Sketchers. Designers, graphic artists and architects will appreciate it as well.


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2020-05-23 05:08:55

สีสวยมาก shading ด้วยครับ

2018-07-21 09:31:32

สีในภาพจะสดกว่าสีจริงๆ แห้งเร็วดี

2018-07-09 13:15:54

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