Manuscript - Calligraphy Manual-Letter By Letter Introduction

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A letter-by-letter introduction to the art of beautiful writing by Patricia Lovett. This calligraphy manual includes step by step instructions guiding you through each of the four most popular calligraphic scripts- Foundational, Gothic, Italic and Uncials. 

For a beginner, learning calligraphy can at first be overwhelming. Manuscript's new calligraphy manual aims to guide you through all of the fundamentals of calligraphy, including:

Guidance on all the tools you need to practise the craft
How to angle your pen
How to join letters
Common errors and how to avoid them
Guidelines to trace and practise each script
Fun and creative projects

The booklet features convenient throw-out sheets to enable you to follow the tutorial from start to end all on the same page, so that your concentration is not broken.


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