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This portable pen filler allows you to carry fountain pen ink on the go, while also providing an easy way to refill your pen. Compatible with most types of filling mechanisms, it has a clear reservoir, a section that locks the pen in place for leak-proof filling, and a top to keep it closed when not in use. The max ink capacity is 10ml. Instructions are included - just insert your pen nib-first, turn the top of the pen filler to lock it into place, turn upside down, and fill your pen! You’ll certainly want one of these for every color of ink!

The Pineider Pen Filler will accept pens with grips that are between 9.5mm and 13.5mm.  This is most pens except unusually thin or thick ones. These measurements will not measure exactly to the grip measurements we have, however. Our grip measurements are done in somewhat of an approximation of where most people might hold it (somewhere near the middle, usually), but due to the fact that most pen grips have contours or tapers to them, it is somewhat difficult to definitively say what pens will fit it and what won’t without actually trying it. Fortunately, there are two holes on the side of the outer box that you can use as a gauge to test whether your pen will fit! 

The overall length of it is 100mm (3.94in), though it can vary based on how far you push in the cap. The diameter of the whole pen filler is 21mm (0.83in) at its widest part, which is just slightly too big to fit into most pen cases.

The Pineider Pen Filler also comes with an eyedropper for ease of filling from another bottle.


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